Why Clients Choose Chawla Law Group, APC

Immigration is about companies seeking to grow and expand by hiring highly talented employees from abroad. Immigration is also about the individual dreams of people who want to secure a better future for themselves and their families. Immigration matters are complex and detailed, and without a trusted guide, the immigration process can be a formidable journey with unexpected roadblocks. An attentive and seasoned lawyer can provide solid legal advice, and help businesses and individuals navigate the obstacles. The staff at Chawla Law Group, APC, understand how important the immigration process is to each person. We treat our clients with compassion, respect and integrity. We empower them with knowledge, and we use our experience to guide them.

Compassion, Respect, and Integrity

Chawla Law Group is committed to serving clients with a compassionate understanding of their concerns regarding the immigration and/or naturalization process. The Chawla team is sensitive to client needs, and recognizes that individuals and businesses are unique. Rather than employing cookie-cutter approaches to solving all immigration problems, Chawla Law Group recognizes different client priorities and assists clients in finding an approach best suited to their current needs. The Chawla Law Group approach involves establishing personal and collaborative relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect with the goal of finding the most appropriate and cost-effective immigration solutions for their particular needs.

Our sense of compassion drives us to go the extra mile when preparing a case. It drives us to find avenues we can use to assist when trouble hits. We listen carefully to determine what the goals are of each client. We are responsive, and clients feel they can confide in us, which is critical for the establishment of a solid attorney-client relationship. Clients must feel comfortable with their attorney and disclose all pertinent information to receive the best possible guidance.

Why Businesses Benefit

For business clients, timing and cost are most important. Different businesses have different needs. Some businesses feel the urgency to hire an individual to remain competitive. For these situations, Chawla Law Group offers efficient and timely processing of immigration matters and also we point out ways to pursue matters that may result in quicker resolution. On the other hand, some businesses are more cost conscious. We routinely offer our business clients with choices, when available, to minimize costs. When government processing slows down or speeds up, we empower our clients with information so that they can track the progress of their own cases.

Empowering Clients with Knowledge

Many people have no idea what their attorneys have done for them or why. Chawla Law Group involves clients throughout the immigration process to alleviate fears and help them understand what is being done for them and why. We engage our clients as partners, educating them about the immigration process and their own specific case strategy, so they have the confidence to make good decisions that will impact their future immigration prospects. We realize our clients are intelligent and sophisticated and just need the right information to feel more in control of the process.

Our approach is beneficial to business clients because Human Resources personnel learn about the process and have an easier time communicating with their employees about what is happening. The more HR personnel know, the more they can share with employees and employees become less agitated and stressed.


Vaani Chawla, Esq., leads the firm with more than 20 years of experience focusing solely on the practice of Immigration Law. Ms. Chawla has represented corporations and individuals in a wide range of business and family immigration matters since 1994. Over the years she has achieved success for her clients in the areas of employment-based immigration with investors, multinational executives, professionals in high tech and biotech fields, as well as outstanding researchers, individuals' whose work is in the national interest of the United States, and people with extraordinary abilities. Ms. Chawla also has substantial experience working with individuals on family-based matters including good-faith waivers for divorced couples or battered spouses.

Chawla Law Group has represented individual clients from all corners of the globe including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The firm also represents businesses located around the United States.