About Chawla Law Group, APC

Immigration Services in Southern California and throughout the United States

Established in 2002 by attorney Vaani Chawla, Chawla Law Group, APC, is a law firm committed to serving clients with a compassionate understanding of their concerns regarding the immigration and/or naturalization process. The Chawla team is sensitive to client needs, and we recognize that each individual and each business is unique. Rather than employing cookie-cutter approaches to solving all immigration problems, Chawla Law Group recognizes different client priorities and assists clients in finding an approach best suited to serve their current needs. The Chawla approach involves establishing personal and collaborative relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect.

At Chawla Law Group, we engage clients as partners, educating them about the immigration process and their own case strategies, so they have the confidence to make good decisions that will impact their future immigration prospects. We realize our clients are intelligent and sophisticated; they just need the right information to feel a bit more in control of the process. Many people have no idea what their attorneys have done for them or why. Chawla Law Group involves clients throughout the immigration process to alleviate fears and help them understand what is being done for them and why. Our approach is beneficial to business clients because Human Resources personnel learn about the process and have an easier time communicating with their employees about what is happening. The more HR personnel know, the more they can share with employees - making the entire process less stressful for employers and employees alike.

Located in San Diego, California, Chawla Law Group enjoys working with clients located in or moving to the local area as well as those located in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of the federal nature of the practice, the Chawla team is also pleased to serve clients outside of California, as far away as Wisconsin and Florida.